This site is preserved as in memory of Kate Friedman (1955-2012) by her family with love always.

My work explores the interface of nature and technology, using digital tools and industrial materials in combination with photography, painting, drawing and collage. Variations in scale reveal recursive patterns, referencing visible structures in nature, macroscopic or microscopic views of the body or the planet, or complex data visualization in medicine, topography or computing.

Abstract and intricate, the paintings and installations are open to personal interpretation. Each viewer brings one’s own history to the piece and can read one’s own experiences there, recognizing visual patterns — maps, branches, medical scans — as well as biological, cosmic, or data systems.

My work seeks a common language: of order and complexity, the organic and the built, the rational and the intuitive, the mark of the hand and the mark of the machine — a shared presence in the world...around us and inside us.